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Publishing a report to IPAM report tab

Just installed IPAM and have added in DHCP servers, nodes and subnets all working fine.

However, the reports tab in the web console is blank.

I've run a couple of reports from the report designer tool while logged onto the server, but what is the function of the reports tab in the web console, and how do I get reports to show up here?

Trying to find information on this in the forums but struggling so far. Think I'm missing something simple. There is the check box when designing a report saying "make this available on the orion website" I have this selected for all the reports that I've run but still no joy.

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what you did in the report writer is OK and now you just need to just select "available" reports on web console like this:



then select reports that shouls appear at the webconsole:




and finally you should see your report link:



Please let me know if this resolved your issue.




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Ah amazing! Thanks very much

Although now I'm getting an Orion Website Error


specific error:

Value cannot be null.

Parameter name: ReportFolder



any ideas?

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try to go to : 

Orion -> Admin -> Accounts -> Edit -> Report folder

and set up a valid Report folder.

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