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Manage What Groups Are Visible

I have just installed and set up IPAM this week and have my networks/subnets organized within groups in the Manage Subnets & IP Addresses window.

We will have several different departments accessing this and I would like to limit what groups are visible to each department.  Is this possible?

I have already gone through and set the subnets to hide for those who should not be able to see them but that still leaves the groups visible.

Group Hierarchy Example:

Top Group:

     Group 1:

          Subnet 1:

          Subnet 2:

          Subnet 3:

      Group 2:

          Subnet 1:

          Subnet 2:

What I would like to accomplish is to be able to give a department access to Subnet 2: in group 1, not see subnet 1 or 3 (accomplished via hide) but then also not see the Group 2: and it's contents.

Any recommendations would be helpful!


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