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Level 9

Import subnets spreadsheet does not add the IP addresses


I understand that when importing a spreadsheet of multiple subnets, the IP addresses are not populated; but, I don't understand why when manually scanning the imported subnets, the IPs are not discovered.

I don's see a situation where somebody wants to have all the subnets in IPAM, but not the IPs within the subnets.

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Level 8

I just ran into this as well.  What I did was create a perl script that took in a list of all of the subnets (first 3 octets) and output a list of each subnet with the IPs of that range.  see the script below.  i made it comma delimited and added two columns to include the subnet and the CIDR, but you can add whatever you want. fairly simple and straight forward.


#use strict;

#all subnets in this list are missing the last octet

open (IPS, 'all-vlan-ips.txt');

open (MYFILE, '>>all-vlan-ip-output.csv');

foreach $line (<IPS>)



  for (my $i=1; $i <= 254; $i++)


        #first column is the subnet by adding .0 as the 4th octet, second column is the CIDR, third column creates each 4th octet to match the range in the for loop.

  print MYFILE ($line . ".0" . ",24" . "," . $line . "." . $i . "\n");



close (IPS);

close (MYFILE);

Level 12

I believe this is what you are looking for:

I've used this several times and I believe it does exactly what you are looking for.  After you import your subnets, run this little GUI app and it gives you the capability to add all of the IPs in your subnets that you imported.

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This version (of AddIPs) does not seem to work in IPAM 4.1.

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by saying "not discovered" I guess you don't see any content of your subnet. You may use the tool described in this post:IP Address Manager tips &amp; tricks to solve the problem you have.



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this is correct, I don't see any content of the subnet when imported from a spreadsheet;  however, if manually create the subnet, the content is populated, unless deliberately have the  "Add IP Addresses with the subnet" box checked off.

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Did you ever figure out a solution for this?

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no, apparently cannot.

I chose to import IPs spreadsheets instead.

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