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IPAM to release a leased IP

We recently purchased IPAM and it is great tool to see what IP's are in use vs what are available.  I was wondering, can we use IPAM to actually manage the DHCP server?  Meaning, I want to release an IP or group of IP's can I do that via IPAM?  I tried selecting an address and clicked on delete.  All that ended up doing was removing it from the IPAM page.  I looked back in the DHCP server and the addressed is still leased out.  Is there another place to do this?

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IPAM will manage DHCP server. Management operations such as Adding/removing/editing/split scopes etc can be carried by IPAM. 

IPAM can clear out reserved IP Address as well.But releasing the IPAddress cannot be done by IPAM. IPAM will list the leases available in DHCP server.

Leases will be cleared out by DHCP server.

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Maybe I wasn't really clear.  What I was thinking was this example.  I have a DHCP range that lets say is full because our inventory person powers up 50 iphones and they take all the available IP addresses in a range.  I go through the range and find out which addresses aren't in use anymore (I do a Ping sweep to find available addresses) and delete the unused addresses from the DHCP table off the server.  That way the address is available now for DHCP to reissue the address to someone else.  I tried to delete an address from IPAM management, and it did not delete the address from the server.  I went back into the DHCP server and I saw that it still had that addressed leased to the equipment.  Is there something else I'm missing?

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You can't delete the DHCP leases form IPAM. In IPAM IP Address delete will only delete from database. This deletion of IPAddress will not take any effect in DHCP server.

Note: IPAM itself will periodically scan the subnets and display the IPAddress status.In this case you don't need to ping in separate to find out the available IPAddress.Just use filter option in "Manage subnets and IPAddress" page

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The fact that you can use IPAM to create reservations that sync with DHCP but you can't delete in the same manner seems like a half baked feature.

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I think you remove a reservation by changing the status from reserved to Available and sending it to the dhcp server on save. Does that clear the reservation for you?

Thanks for replying but unfortunately it didn't help.  I decommissioned a server and changed the IP status from reserved to available and it never updated in DHCP.  I had to manually perform the action.  After posting, I did find out that we're still working through some of the kinks that could be related.

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