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IPAM (service dead?)

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I don't see an IPAM forum yet, so

I couldn't resist a download of the trial of IPAM... and I find it cooler than I expected although I don't know that I can convince the boss that it's cool enough.

Anyhow, after adding 10 networks, I got an error message that I forgot to copy about the service not responding on port 18777 or some such.  Now the segments I've added since then have been in automatic scanning for over half an hour on /24's. 

I think something stopped working.  Can anyone point me at what service I might be looking for?  It doesn't appear to be the Solarwinds IPAM Information Service - which is the only one I could find with IPAM in the name.  I restarted that one anyhow, but scans have not resumed.


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I finally ended up just deleting the whole segment and re-creating it.  Works fine now.

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IPAM requires these Windows services to do its automated scanning: "SolarWinds IPAM Information Service", "SolarWinds Job Engine", and "SolarWinds Job Scheduler".

We ship a tool that helps manage our services that can be of use:

Start Menu > All Programs > SolarWinds > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > Orion Service Manager

I'd like you to try the following:

  1. Use the above tool to ensure those services are started. Restart them if you want to.
  2. Click: IPAM Settings > View subnet scan status. Cancel the two scans that are taking longer than expected.
  3. If you continue to experience the error, look down a bit past the bullet points. We have likely included some more useful error text specific to the situation; come on back once you have it.
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I finally ended up just deleting the whole segment and re-creating it.  Works fine now.

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Very good, probably just a weird oddity, glad everything is working now.  

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We've now activated the IPAM forum, so post away!

If IPAM is actively scanning, there will be a Cancel button next to the Edit button when you View Subnet Scan Status. If there's no Cancel button, please post the error message.

As for your boss, what IP management method are you currently using? If it's a spreadsheet, like many network managers use, at the very least IPAM will ensure that two engineers updating data at the same time won't overwrite each other's updates. And there are lots of other advantages!

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Ok, there's a cancel button on the two subnets I added after the error.  I clicked cancel on them and resubmitted a manual scan which one of which finished in minutes...  The stalled scans had been running for two hours. And the second is currently over 10 minutes for 254 addresses.  No error message...

Yes, we currently use a spreadsheet on a shared network drive and office does a decent job of making sure only one person can have write access at a time.  The spreadsheet is of course horribly out of date, but I see the boss saying that that's because we don't do our job regarding it if I bring that up.

Are there any plans to more tightly integrate IPAM with NPM?  For example I added my network management segment to IPAM, and (yes I know I haven't added all my SNMP strings is part of this) but IPAM doesn't have the system names which it should be able to get from NPM.  Heck, it should be able to get the SNMP strings from there.

But it'd also be nice if it showed me which systems on that segment are managed by NPM.  Everything on there should be, so if something isn't I want to know about that.

Anyhow, I like IPAM and I'll be trying to make a push for it.  But it does kinda feel like a seperate parallel product and not an integrated module of the whole from just a couple hours playing.

Thanks for the help

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What size are the subnets that you are scanning that you had to cancel and the one that is running for over 10 minutes?

Regarding tighter integration with NPM, the answer is for sure, we plan to do further integration in future releases.

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