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IPAM property in Node alerts

We’re using a bunch of Custom Properties for a node’s physical location including, Region, Country, City & Street and everything except the region has to be hand entered because there are so many variants. It’s a recipe for disaster with typos, errors and omissions.

We also use IPAM and each subnet has a Location property.

It occurred to me that we should be able to populate the IPAM’s subnet Location property with an abbreviation of,street and then use this subnet’s variable in alerts.

But I can’t find IPAM’s Location variable and I don’t know how I should select the subnet’s Location when a node alerts.

Ideas gratefully accepted

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when you trigger alert on subnet you can use ${N=SwisEntity;M=Location} in action text. I would recommend you using variable picking. it contains all variables including customer fields

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Hi maryan.dmytriv  This one pulls the location from the node rather than from IPAMs subnet, but I like the idea.

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when you have alert for subnet, it pulls info from subnet. Just verified on simple alert

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