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IPAM not resolving hostnames

I can't figure this out.  I have IPAM 4.0.0 installed and it is scanning quite a few different domains.  It seems that the domain that the Solarwinds server is located all the IP addresses resolve to hostnames.  Every other domain this is not the case.  If I do an NSLOOKUP on the server, the IP addresses do resolve and I have a DNS server defined in Solarwinds.  Any clues on what I have not configured?

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does ping -a command work?

In IPAM DNS name is being resolved to the HostName field, but when you have SNMP scanning enabled for the subnet, and you have SNMP credentials for the devices on it, the System Name is being filled from the device SNMP system name.

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ping -a works.  I try an nslookup with the IP address and it does not resolve, but if I use the hostname of the server, it does resolve. 

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DNS servers have 2 lookup zones - "forward lookup zone" and "reverse lookup zone". When you do a
nslookup the DNS server looks into forward lookup zone to get the IP address of the specified hostname. When you do
nslookup x.x.x.x  (IP address) DNS server looks into "reverse lookup zone" to give you the host name associated with the IP address.

Contact your system/server/DNS administrators and ask them to check and make sure the reverse lookup zone is created and configured for the IP scopes you are trying to scan. Also if the hosts IP addresses exist in the reverse lookup zones.