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IPAM not displaying all subnets in MS Edge browser


Following an upgrade to 12.3 i now have users reporting they don't see all the subnets in IPAM (4.7), this only seems to be a problem is the Edge browser as Chrome/IE work fine.

In Edge you only see the first subnet in the supernet in the first group......


In Chrome you see everything:


Its not user permissions so i'm assuming it's a browser issue, has anyone else seen this or can try it for me to see if they see the same behaviour?


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IPAM 4.8 is already out.  Below is the Release Notes.

According to the documentation, it is aleadty fixed.

IP Address Manager 4.8 Release Notes - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

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Yes, this was a known issue that we have resolved our upcoming IPAM 4.8 release!

Thanks ding

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I can confirm that there are issues with Edge (Edge on left / Chrome on right).


For us it is the same. Only first folder and first subnet in that folder is displayed.

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I encountered the same issue.  They logged it as a known bug.  I believe they sent me a Buddy drop.

Thanks jpaluch​ for checking, will try and get it logged as a bug.

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