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IPAM multiple tree views

We have conflicting requirements for viewing our IPAM data.

One of our network groups primary function is to assign IP addresses based on user requests.

They currently have the IPAM tree view configured with locations.

Root folder is Country, then Region, then City, then building & finally IP subnets by VLAN.

The Architecture group wants to to see IP addresses in the tree view:

Supernets, then subnets, then nested subnets.

Of course these are all just containers with descriptions that the actual IP data is put into.

Is there some way to have at least 2 different Tree views, depending on what group is logging into IPAM?

The Report Writer can expose the data in different ways, but it is a flat view which does not lend itself very well to viewing the data in a top down format.

We manage 10 class B subnets and really need to view the data in different ways,

Please let me know if this is possible today, or must be submitted as a feature request.

I am running an older version of IPAM and would love it if this feature is already available in a newer version.


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Level 15

Upon further spirited discussion with my team members, we have decided we need a different tool to manage subnets.

IPAM is able to manage IP's but has limited functionality for managing subnets.

The views are IP centric based and do not work for subnet management.

The question was raised - what is our authoritative source for IPAM and subnets.

This tool is proactive in that it scans individual IPs, so could be considered authoritative for IPs, but does not have a subnet scanning feature/capability.

I would like to see this tool able to poll the routing table of our routers which could be displayed in a subnet view and also correlate that information with the tree structure built manually in IPAM.

Additional must haves are:

View filtering by subnet - show me all the subnets (hierarchy) inside a supernet or group.

View filltering by location - show me all the subnets assigned to a specific location

Searching by custom property - show me all the subnets assigned to a specific custom property

In my opinion, this has been a sorely lacking feature of this tool since day one and I have posted several times regarding this lack of functionality.

I believe there are others also looking for a similar tool.

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