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IPAM missing data that Orion has

So this started with me noticing that a lot of devices in IPAM do not have SNMP information.  I wanted a report to give to the Windows and Linux teams to fix this.  I created the report and there were not many devices on it.  So I looked at a device in IPAM that did not have SNMP location filled out.  Then looked at the same device in Node Details.  Low and behold, Node Details had all the SNMP information.  I have attached doctored screen shots of what I mean. 

Why does IPAM not show the details?  I have been trying for years to get off spreadsheet and it seems there is always one more reason I can't.

We are using IPAM 4.9.0 and Orion 2019.2

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Re: IPAM missing data that Orion has

Go to settings  >> All settings  >> IPAM settings  >> Then snmp credentials.  Do you have the community string/ SNMP credentials listed in there?