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IPAM license question

Hi All,

I am getting this warning that I am running low on licenses and I for the life of me can't seem to figure out what table from the SQL database this is pulling. I want to see if I am really getting low of available licenses of if I just need to clean up some. So if you anyone could tell me what table to look into that would be a big help

Thanks Pat

  IP Addresses

93.95% used monitoring 3848/4096

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Bump up 😉

so what is SQL query to do the calculations done by license management?

It would be great to see such parameter on some Capacity dashboard.

michal.hrncirik​ maybe You can help us?

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I would recommend uprading to just released 4.6 version. Also asked query you can find in c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Modules\IPAM.xml

SELECT COUNT(ipNodeId) AS  IpNodeCount FROM IPAM.IPNode AS N INNER JOIN (SELECT DISTINCT GroupId, GroupType, AddressN, AddressEnd FROM IPAM.GroupReport) AS G ON N.SubnetId = G.GroupId AND (G.GroupType != 8 OR N.IPAddressN NOT IN (G.AddressN, G.AddressEnd)) WHERE G.GroupType IN (8, 512) AND G.GroupId != 1 AND N.Status != 2

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michal.hrncirik​ was IPAM licensing ever updated?

I'm looking at:


Product NameIP Address Manager
Service PackNone
Allowed number of used IP Addresses16384
Current number of used IP Addresses13819

And yet I'm seeing total number of licenses used at 15.7k?

I thought in 2011 or so you said that IPAM licensing was changed?

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Check how many reserved ips you have.  The current number of used ips addresses doesnt seem to include ones that are set to reserved.

Hi Matt,

what has historically changed in IPAM licensing was amount of managed nodes as DNS/DHCP servers (as we added management for those back in 2013). Other than that, IP Address license tiers remained the same.

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understood, thank you!

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