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IPAM import and populating IPs

I have been testing out the Swinds IPAM for a few days now and everything has been going ok except for one hiccup.  When we are importing our list of subnet information via spreadsheet, the IP addresses in each are not populating.  Just to be clear on what we have, the spreadsheet we are importing only contains the subnet addresses and info, not each individual IPs.  I was hoping there would be an option to auto populate the IPs much like the bulk import automatically adds them.  Am I just missing the option?  Seems like it should be there somewhere considering the bulk import can do it.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Level 9

I ran into the same thing ... even opened a support case on it.   I saw the scans running in the log with a message that the scan range was empty.  Took me a minute to realize that a subnet was not a range of IP addresses.  This is really not very intuitive. So I have to load up all my subnets, then go back and load up all my IP addresses?  I thought the computer was supposed to do the hard work!

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Hi twgraham and ghynes,

I'm in the UX group and would love to hear more about your issue. Might you have a few minutes to chat with us about it soon?  You can email me directly at and we can set up a short call where you can show me the issue if that works for you.  I have time next week if you do!

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We also have an unofficial tool how to automatically populate IP addresses for your subnets. You may download it from here:

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Great point, we will discuss this problem with our UX team.



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