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IPAM fully populating subnets from DNS


Forgive me if this question has been asked before but I wasn't able to find the answer from having a search around Thwack.  We are currently running IPAM 3.0, which we upgraded to a little while ago to resolve a scanning issue we were having.  After upgrading I noticed we could integrate with DNS as well as DHCP.  I worked with our Windows team and was able to get our DNS data imported into Solarwinds.  The main benefit I was hoping to see from this was the ability to see DNS Hostnames in the subnet ranges based on the extraction from DNS.  However, it still only appears to pay any attention to IP addresses that respond.  I can see in one of the far columns that it acknowledges there is a DNS record for many "Available" IP addresses but because they don't respond they are left blank.  Is there a way to have IPAM display the Hostname from DNS for any IP address regardless of its status?  There may be instances where the node does not respond to ICMP or SNMP but is there.  Or someone may have made an allocation using DNS, which we'd like to see as well.

I can see IPAM 3.1 is in the works so not sure if this will become an option then or whether there is a way to do it already.  If anyone can assist with this it would be most appreciated.



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The addition of DHCP and DNS in IPAM 3.0 was to allow for DHCP scope and DNS zone monitoring through IPAM.  In order for IPAM to perform a DNS lookup of an IP in a subnet, it has to be able to successfully ping the IP and show it is used.  Otherwise, if there is no response, the program will list it as available and not check DNS.  I'd imagine if this behavior would change then the licensing of IPAM would have to change to be licensed on each IP that pulls DNS records.  This would effectively eat up your licenses quicker.  As it stand now, no available IP is counted in the license, so no action is going to be performed on it. 


Matthew Harvey

Loop1 Systems

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Thanks Matthew, I hadn't really thought about the license implications.  I was just hoping it would take the data it extracted from DNS to populate the hostname column of the subnets.  It already knows there's a DNS hostname to go in there as the column at the end acknowledges a DNS record.  The IP could still show as Available I guess and would not show any other fields populated.  Wishful thinking on my part I guess! 

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