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Level 9

IPAM displaying incorrect hostnames

I'm trying to use information from IPAM to update our IP spreadsheets but I've run into a problem.  IPAM randomly displays wrong hostnames(and all other information wrong) for certain IP addresses.  For instance I have a server that has resided on the same IP for over a year,  the hostname has never changed and nothing else has ever resided on this IP.   IPAM thinks that this IP is someone's laptop who doesn't even work here anymore.  It also thinks that 4 other IPs on that subnet are the same laptop...   I ran a fresh scan a few minutes ago, this IP shows a "last response" of just a few minutes ago yet still IPAM still says it's some laptop which doesn't exist.   Anyone ever seen this before?

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Level 8

Do you have any DNS entries for the old laptop?

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hi, is that statically assigned IP or is that DHCP scope?

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