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IPAM custom fields

Hi Thwack community.

I'm new to Solarwinds IPAM and am running a PoC on Orion Platform, IPAM: 2020.2.1.

Is it possible to create different custom properties for Groups, Supernet and Subnets ?

For example, I'd like to create a custom property of Country and only have that visible for Groups.

Currently if I select IPAM Group Nodes in the custom field type it adds the field to all 3 types of forms.


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Level 13

Hi and welcome to IPAM!

No, IPAM Custom Properties can either be set on Group or Single IP address level. All three, Groups, Subnets and supernets are groups but of different types. 

Looking at the database level you can see they are all in the same table, [dbo].[IPAM_Group], but with different [GroupType].

Some built in fields on group level are only visable to subnets, like VLAN and Location.

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Thanks Seashore, appreciate the response.

So my next question  is, how do I do that ?  I take it cant be done from the GUI ?  Do I need to access the SQL DB and somehow do it from there ?


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