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IPAM and InfoBlox

Good Afternoon IPAM Community,

I might be overthinking this a little but I am curious what others, who have large infoblox deployments, have done when setting up infoblox in Orion IPAM.

We have a large deployment for our enterprise and our enterprise is basically spread across 3 states.  We have 2 datacneters and we have split our infoblox deployment between the two datacenters.  for our implementation we have 6 grid members in HA deployment and 3 standalone servers for network insight, Reporting server and a grid master.  each grid member has a LAN address and a VIP.  The documentation for Orion IPAM simply says that before adding the infoblox server to IPAM it first needs to be added to NPM as a node.  Thats where I get confused.  I have 6 grid member servers.  Since we are using HA this is really 3 clusters of servers each cluster having 2 servers.  Each cluster will have a VIP and each server in the cluster will also have a LAN IP address.  My question is, Which IP address do I use when adding the Node to NPM... the VIP or the servers LAN IP address?

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We have a small GRID deployment (DHCP and DNS) with a 2 node HA cluster in our main datacenter and a single node in our secondary datacenter.  I monitor the VIP for cluster up/down status, and each node in the GRID.  That being said I'm able to pull DHCP scopes into Orion IPAM, but no leases.  I opened a ticket on May 31, but no resolution as of yet.  I'm running NIOS 8.3.0-371835 and Orion IPAM 4.9.0.


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