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Level 11

IPAM SNMP Discovery not finding anything

I installed an eval of IPAM and tried to use the SNMP discovery to scan a few of our routers to get a list of all our subnets.  I have tried scanning a whole bunch of different devices it does not find anything.  After each attempt it shows 0 subnets in the results.

I thought maybe DEP was preventing the scan from running but I disabled that rebooted and still am not getting any results.

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Level 12

Hi ding​, were you/your team able to provide a resolution to this? Evaluating IPAM as well and getting zero results when running a discovery through a router. All ports are allowed throught the FW and SNMP works fine as well.

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I am have this issue as well and I am not using an eval copy of the module

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Level 9

I would narrow it down to discovery a single device router or switch

to see if the issue is an access list on the device blocking snmp traffic.

We create an access list called SNMP-Access and apply to all networking config. In this config we allow all traffic from core,web,pollers and sql

please make sure you have communication first by logging into the router or switch ping your core server where you have IPAM or Poller engine.

then login to your IPAM Server ans ping router or switch.

You can turn on debugging mode on your network switch to see if snmp traffic is being seen.


config t

debug snmp packets.

Run the discovery on the single device

login to switch run

show log

Check to see if any communication is happening

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SNMP works fine. I can see in IPAM detailed information about the router - name, version of ios, IP on all interfaces, etc.

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Level 12

I believe we have a fix for this!  Do you have a support case open for this by chance?

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I have same problem. IPAM eval

Routers - CISCO 800 series. FortiGate - not discovered

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I just opened a case.

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JustinY​, do you own IPAM or are you evaluating the product?

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Hi Ding

i am also evalueting this product.

So in the SNMP scan it gets its a cisco device, it gets Location but not Mac, Vendor or Hostname. 

can you help me?

regards Niklas

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Hi ding!

I have same problem. Could you provide solution? Already i created case in customer portal, but they silent.  I can give you our customer portal ID via email.

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I see it. We're on it!

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It looks like i have almost (if not exactly) the same problem here is my case 00285052

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I'm asking support to send your case directly to my engineering team. Please stand by....

If there is a fix for this, why not respond with the fix? Seems reasonable.

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The fix isn't a series of steps to that can be performed, but a buddy drop install. If you're running into the same issue, please let me know.

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Hi Ding,

I'm having the same issue as well. Case # - 00302087

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Hi Ding, I am running into the same issue with nothing being discovered on my network. Could you assist with this?

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I am having exactly the same issue and any pointers you can provide would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

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Just sent you an email.

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