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IPAM: Reserved IP's Transient IP's

Is there an option that makes manually reserved IP's stay reserved even with scanning enabled with a transient period. For example we subnet with /24 and we internally set 1 - 90 for each subnet as our static ip range. We want a transient period of say 7 or 14 days for everything except reserved ip range for each subnet. we want to keep scanning enabled as well.

Thanks for your help..

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Reqeusted as a feature. The main purpose of an ip address managment system would be to keep static ips static. the free ip address management tools have this option.

"currently there is no
straightforward way how to keep IPs as reserved on subnets where the poling is
turned on and subnet is not managed by DHCP server. What you can do is set
transient period to such long time that IP will never go to
"available" status. Or you can use custom property and add a column
that represents static IP assignment.

I updated our feature request
for this scenario.

thanks for your input.


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just to be complete, here is the summary how to handle this case and exclude just RESERVED IPs from polling to keep them as reserved:

To other folks, please let me know how critical is for you having RESERVED addresses with enabled polling - so you can still retrieve info about MAC, host name, etc.

thanks for feedback.

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