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IPAM Report

Hi All,

I'm having a problem writing a report for IPAM.
Basically i want a list of subnets that have that have no ip address's above .101 used/transient or reserved

Ive been sat in front of report writer for 3 hours now with no luck at all...

Grateful for any help


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Level 13

There is a column called "IP Ordinal" that isn't in the report writer system with 1.0.1. To use it, I have made a "Advanced SQL Report" so that I could select it and leverage it with you. I think this is a fairly decent starting place.


This report will select any IP above "100" that is not available (ignoring the last IP in the subnet).

It will list: Subnet Display Name, Subnet Address, IPv4 Address, and IP Status.

All fields, except IP Status, have appropriate web URLs assigned to them. Give it a try!

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Thanks for that Peter...

Its nearly what i wanted but i think its becuase of the way i explained it... Ill try again:
I want to have a list of subnets (not the IP's) where i only have IP's below .101 used/reserved/transient. If an IP over .101 is used/reserved/transient it wont list it.

Hope this explains it better...

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Are you able to help modify your report as per my last post??

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Hello Matt, please check your email. If you're not getting emails from this forum, just click my avatar and send me one.


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Level 13

Hi Matt, stand by (and take a breather from report writer).

The method I was going to use didn't work out of the box. I'll respond back shortly with some directions.

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