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IPAM - Network View empty when using account limitations


Have a ticket open with support but thought i'd ask the question here too.

Have just started using account limitations and once applied users using the IPAM module have complained that the network view is empty unless they are viewing a subnet.

With limitiation applied:


Without limitation applied:


This issue exists for me in both IPAM 4.6.0 and 4.7.0, User i tested this on has the Power User role with the same symptoms as other users with Admin roles.

Anyone seen this issue and know of a workaround?

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dsimpkins, I just reviewed your case and it is exactly the fix my team is currently working on. rogdog is correct.... we have identified the root cause and will be providing a fix soon. I have escalated your support case to engineering so when the fix is available, you will be notified. Thank you for your patience!

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I have also seen this and have a case open. Dev have confirmed that this is in fact a bug and are working on a fix. They said that it is a fairly complex bug so I am not sure how soon it will be addressed.

Thanks, it felt like a bug rather than a fault with our setup.

Can we share case numbers so that support can turn the two together to give it some more weight with the Dev's?

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Hi dsimpkins,

My Case number is #00148668  - Error: Unable to view groups or supernets lists in IPAM on accounts with certain custom property account limitations.

The last reply from support dated 20/08/2018

"Just letting you know that development have isolated the cause of the issue but it is quite complex to resolve the issue so I am waiting on an ETA on the delivery of a solution."

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My case is #00160405, I've replied back to my ticket asking them to link both tickets to the bug fix so hopefully might give it some more traction.


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