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IPAM Network Discovery

Hi All

I have a question on IPAM Tool Network discovery, As you all know there are 4 ways of discovery as mentioned in the below pict.


To do a AD discovery method we need Domain controller's admin domain account, one client's IT policy does not allow to add admin domain account to this process, What shall I do?

Also what is the difference between other 3 discovery method and AD discovery method any advantages of AD discovery method?

Credentials for Active Directory discovery

Kind regards


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Good answer from Nux.

The advantage of using AD instead of ICMP/SNMP scan according to SolarWInds is: "You can query your Active Directory Domain Controller to add nodes quickly and efficiently. Your Orion server can use the devices specified in Active Directory instead of scanning every IP address in the subnet."

as stated in Discover devices using Active Directory Domain Controllers - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Sup...

and "Using Active Directory for discovery is particularly useful for adding large subnets because Orion can use the devices specified in Active Directory instead of scanning every IP address." as stated in Discover your network with the Discovery Wizard - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support



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if its against their policy, its against the policy. Not much you can do, unless they are willing to do an exception.

My interpretation of the differences.

AD: IPAM will discover the subnets via the Nodes in Active Directory that it contains.

IP Range: You specify the IP Range for IPAM to scan.

Subnets: You specify the subnets for IPAM to scan

IP Addresses:  IP's that aren't in a range, single IP's. 

There are Pro's and Con's between all methods.  Example; Active Directory will probably not have all the subnets that are within an Enterprise IP Addressing Scheme, such as the interconnections that are used by routers.   like

( X ) ---

           /-----------( X ),  as there are no hosts defined on that subnet as its router to router...  And this subnet may or may not be defined in Sites and Services. And my require scanning every IP Address to discover it,.. 

So you may have to use several techniques to discover the Addresses in use..   I switched Employers not to long ago, and the Addressing scheme was swis cheese, nothing was contiguous and it was all over the place... using several different IPAM Scanning Methods, I was able to discover about 90% of the Addresses in use. it was bad,...   

Anyways not to digress,  use different scanning methods, and don't give up...

Thanks Nux and Steffen for taking your valuable time to reply my post. I am trying some new method of if it succeed will post the solution to the thread.

But both the answered gave me more understanding on it.



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