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IPAM - Manually Added Host and Subnet Scanning


I was hoping to move from the cumbersome method of using spreadsheets to record and manage IP Address to using IPAM but I'm running into an issue in that when I manually add a host and the "Scanning" option it left as "On, allow system info to be overwritten" once IPAM does a scan of the subnet the host is getting overwritten and the details I entered are removed.

Is there a way to set "Scanning" as default "No" or what am I doing wrong here?

Orion Platform 2015.1.3, 4.2.3, IPAM 4.3.1

Thanks in advance


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there are different ways to configure SolarWinds when it comes to IPAM IP discovery. You can allow SolarWinds to update any value of a particular subnet, update only a subset of IP addresses of a particular subnet, or do not allow at all to update any value of a particular subnet.


If you want to disable automatic scan in all IP addresses of that subnet, just enable 'Disable Automatic Scanning'. If you just want to disable automatic scanning in some IP addresses, I would recommend you to select all those IP addresses, edit them, and choose 'Scanning Off'.


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Would like to find out which of the fields will be overwritten?  Is it all of the below :

a)Node Alias


c)DHCP Client Name

d)IPv6 Address

e)MAC Address


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