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Hey guys,

We are attempting a 2nd round of IPAM deployment, we have a ton of static scopes to Monitor, but also 15-20 DHCP servers that we need to monitor.

Last time, the IPAM module decided it was going to manage the DHCP scopes and caused a lengthy outage.

We want to add the DHCP servers to IPAM, but ONLY for monitoring, we want IPAM to have 0 control over these dhcp servers, just grab the subnets and monitor them.

How can this be completed??
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When adding the DHCP server into IPAM, you could use an account that is only a member of the DHCP Users group on your DHCP servers.

Any user in that group should have read-only access to DHCP.

isn't the DHCP Users group Local to the DHCP Server, which would then require a Local user for Each DHCP Server?? 

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