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Level 9

IPAM Issues

Due to having another IP address Management system I was intreged on how the Solarwinds Product matched up.

These are the issues I have come accrossed in my short review.


1)  I was able to put in a duplicate Subnet range (very bad).

2)  I can't import the subnet range with the IP's.  You have to do each individually (No time for that).

3)  No option to discover subnets via a seed router (This is old school and should already be there).

4)  No user filter capability.

5)  Price is Extremely high.


1)  I like the layout

2)  I also like the event logger.


Please let me know if anyone has solutions to the above issues.



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Product Manager
Product Manager

Good feedback, on #2 can you describe more what you are seeing?  #3, we already have an enhancement logged in the system and #4 is high on our priority release for a future version.

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Level 9

#2 issue is when importing from a file, there is no option for the subnet size.  Just an option for the IP address (Network ID). 

What I did to make sure I hade the right import documentation.  I created a small subnet and then exported it.  From there I then filled in any associated information listed inside the export file.

Here are the list of columns that are exported.

IPv4 Address
System Name
System Location
Machine Type
Response Time
Last Boot Time
Last Synchronization
System Object ID

As you can see there is a column for the Subnet ID but nothing for the mask.

When importing a file your pull down options do not give you a choice for subnet size.

If you try to import a CSV from the tool set Subnet List export.  It imports all the ip's but then if you have a network like mine were I have over 900 subnets there is an issue were you have to individually enter each subnet size.

If you want screen shots just let me know.



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Level 7

Is there a possibility to add the "Contact" column in default IPAM summary view?

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