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Level 9

IPAM 'IP conflict' Alerts

MAC 'e0d5.5ec9.2c3e' is only seen in coresw1 and not in coresw2. coresw1 and cores2 are connected by trunk

CORESW1#sh mac address-table | i 2c3e
880 e0d5.5ec9.2c3e dynamic Yes 20 Po500

CORESW1#show arp | i 2c3e
Internet 0 e0d5.5ec9.2c3e ARPA Vlan880

CORESW2#sh arp | i 2c3e

Above MAC 'e0d5.5ec9.2c3e' is not in the table for CORESW2, only in table of CORESW1

CORESW2#sh mac address-table | i 2c3e


This MAC '493 5897.bd7a.5980' is used by all the SVI's on CORESW2 and is also seen by CORESW1

CORESW2#sh mac address-table | i 5980
R 493 5897.bd7a.5980 static No - Router
R 102 5897.bd7a.5980 static No - Router

CORESW1#sh mac address-table | i 5980
20 5897.bd7a.5980 dynamic Yes 0 Po3
493 5897.bd7a.5980 dynamic Yes 20 Po3
880 5897.bd7a.5980 dynamic Yes 0 Po3


I don't understand where the conflict alert is coming from..e0d5.5ec9.2c3e is connected to a 3rd switch which is only connected to CORESW1 and has a different IP


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