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Level 10

IPAM 4.8.1 Polling Issues?

Anyone having issues with IPAM 4.8.1?

It has stopped polling subnets (they get queued, but don't actually get polled)

PING and Tracert don't work from the system, either.  When I shut down the IPAM services, ping will start working from the command prompt, but when I re-enable, it takes about a minute and it stops.  Just dead stops.

Anyone else have an issue like this?  Has anyone else looked at their polling status page and noticed scans taking 2000+ minutes?

I've had a support ticket open for over a month and still no resolution.  My IPAM hasn't been able to scan in a month.


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Level 11

Hi All,

Is this fixed for any one? I am facing same issue for last 2 months. It was working without any issues and suddenly one day ping started not working in primary server.

Currently I am using IPAM 4.8.1 HF1.

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Level 10

Did you install the HF1 ?

I had a similar problem with the 4.7 but it actually got fixed by upgrading to 4.8.1 HF1 .

Level 12

Please let us know if they have a fix for you.  I have the same issue here, I currently only have 4 networks scanning across 3 polling engines, because turning on several hundred would kill it.

I'm pretty sure that it's something in windows because as you mentioned, pings and tracert from the command line no longer work. 

It would be nice if we could assign agents for the source of the scan, in addition to polling engines.

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Level 8

I just opened a ticket with them for this same issue.

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Plus it looks like they removed the ability to set the maximum amount of concurrent scans.  I have over 500 IP subnet scans running at the same time.

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