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IPAM 2020.2 on Windows Server 2012R2

I was told by support that I can upgrade IPAM to 2020.2 on Windows Server 2012R2. This sounds great although it contradicts the documentation. So my question, has anyone actually done it? I don't want to find out this isn't going to work when I'm knee deep in the upgrade.

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What is your current IPAM version? That will determine how you upgrade to 2020.2.


Also where did you see this was "not" supported in the documentation? 

Support for 2012 R2 is stated in the Release Notes under "Other Improvements

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We are currently running IPAM version 4.7 under Orion Platform 2018.2. I am aware that Orion Platform 2020.2 supports Server 2012R2, but I found when looking at the system requirements for our other modules that IPAM 2020.2 listed support for only Server 2016 and 2019. Now this is where I know I will look foolish. I know FOR A FACT that last week this page only listed Server 2016 and 2019 but now shows 2012R2 as well.

I guess problem solved. Huh.

Solarwinds did certainly changed that.  Although for the past 3 versions, they required server 2016.  This might be a one time thing so you might as well migrate to 2016.