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Level 9

IPAM 2.0.2 with NPM 10.2.2


Should I install the SolarWinds Orion IP Address Manager 2.0.1 - Hotfix, if I have installed IPAM 2.0.1 with NPM Orion Core 10.2.2?
In readmy.txt I read, that the patch is applied, if the Orion Core 2011.2.1


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Level 13

This hotfix  if covered in new core JobEngine. for 10.2.2 NPM. 

This Hotfix is only if you are on 2011.2.1 

It will not install on the NPM Orion Core 10.2.2 as it has to check the core version before proceeding and you will heave an error . 

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Level 9

Thank You

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