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IP Range by Site

Has anyone created a report or view for IP Range by Site? What I would like to do is search for a site like "xyz" and see all the ranges assigned to that site. This would be similar to how ranges are highlighted if you go to DHCP & DNS management, select a device, and a range which returns you to the ranges for that device. The goal is to be able to lookup a site and see all the the ranges assigned.

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When you say site are you referring to a physical location or AD object? I've built out trees for ipam based on the location. But it was using some relatively advanced workflows. Most people don't seem to use them much but IPAM has custom properties available at the IP and Subnet levels. I ran a series of scripts that created folders for every site at the company, created and populated all the subnets for those sites and tagged them with various bits of metadata, then added custom sql widgets to the node details page that would check if the node on the page existed in IPAM, if the subnet existed and what grouping they fell under, if there was a dhcp lease involved, if there were dns records, fwd and reverse lookup. Created some custom swql widgets for the ipam summary page to make it so we could search across all these attributes and see what we needed from it.

Mostly just required me to set up a few custom properties and spend a ton of time in swql studio exploring ideas.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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When I say by site I am referring to the location field which is a default property that has been imported. The data that was imported came from another tool which appears to have used some sort of AD sites and services integration to inherit information. That integration allowed for searches to be done using something as simple as a site code or location name.  A quick example is to view all ranges by location in a single view or tree view. What you are describing does sound interesting and like something we could use. Is this available to view or discuss more?

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Unfortunately I'm not working with that environment anymore and don't have any of the code handy, I mostly brought it up as an example that if you try to get into the weeds with it you can do a lot with IPAM in SQL and with the API.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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