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IP Address View in IPAM - how to retain desired column settings?

I'm working on customizing the IP Address View in IPAM to make it more readable and get rid of columns I don't need. I can always choose the columns desired and uncheck them - no problem. However, the settings are not retained between sessions.

Is there any way to accomplish this today?

I've done my best to scour thwack to find the answer, but I haven't been successful.

Thanks for any info!

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Level 10

Try to check whether IPAM DB is updated with your customizations. IPAM will usually store in "IPAM_setting" table.

Run this below query  and see whether your changes got affected

SELECT [AssignedTo]





  FROM [IPAM_4.4_Dev].[dbo].[IPAM_Setting] where Name ='UI.MgtSubnetColumns'

Yep, looks like it is retaining settings....thank you!