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How to add "Option 150" to a DHCP Scope in IPAM 3.1.1??


Thank you for your time. I'm in a project to manage all the DHCP Servers (Cisco and Microsoft) in the IPAM platform in order to let the Network Administrators manage the Microsoft DHCP Servers without the help of the systems administrators, so , I have done all the test but it left 1 last thing and is the  "Option 150" used for the IP Cisco phones. I don't know how to configure it. In the section "Scope Options" doesnt appears the button to add new options. I have IPAM version 3.1.1 and Orion Core 2012.2.1.

I would really appreciate your help to solve this problem


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Option 150 (as Cisco proprietary option) is not supported in IPAM so far. IPAM supports standard (common for all DHCP vendors) DHCP options since IPAM 4.2. What if you use options 66/67 as a workaround?

We are tracking option 150 as a feature request. however it could be added to the new version of IPAM only, not back to IPAM 3.1