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How does Transient status work with addresses released by a DHCP server?

My understanding is that IPAM assigns the Transient status to an IP address that fails to respond during a scan, and it will maintain that designation up to the time period set in the IPAM Settings menu, unless that address shows as in use on a subsequent scan.

Assuming I have that concept correct, what will IPAM do with a Transient address if it is DHCP and has been released by a DHCP server? In other words, say the Transient setting is 7 days in IPAM, but the DHCP server releases that address after 2 days. How will IPAM designate that address on the next scan if it is found to be in use? Will it show it as Transient or as Used?

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if IP address has DHCP lease, then IPAM displays it as 'Used' as long as the lease information is present on the DHCP server. When IPAM detects, that DHCP lease of an address has ended, it marks the IP address as 'Available' not 'Transient'. That's the difference against behavior of ICMP/SNMP scan.

If there was an illegal use of IP address within DHCP scope (IP was not assigned by the server but IP responded to ping scan) and such IP is no longer responsive, then it will become 'Transient'.