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Level 9

How do I migrate my Network's IP Addresses used and reserved into Orion Solarwinds?

Hi, I have the task of moving the IP Addresses of my Network to the Ip Address Manager of Orion IPAM.

I have read and searched and I still cannot find what I need. And that is there a do it all at once? (Scan and allows the IPs to be populated into Orion IPAM?


Or is there a manual way to do it?



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Level 13

Sure, there are ways to do this quickly.

How many subnets are you needing to add?

Depending on your answer, we'll go with a) adding subnets by hand, b) subnet allocation wizard, c) IP Address import (and a couple steps therein).


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Level 9

Here is a little more detailed information.


Total IPs :  74225
  Reserved Static IPs :  1455
  Total Subnet :  344


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Level 9

How do I enable a Network scan? to retrieve the data, I think it would be best to scan the network and see what comes back.

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Level 13

How to add a singular subnet:

1) Ping a device you know is in use, responds to icmp, and is within the subnet you're going to add (do this from the Orion host to verify connectivity).

2) Add in all the likely snmp community strings the devices will have (within IPAM Settings page).

3) Click Add Subnet (within Manage Subnets & IP Addresses tab)

4) Enter the Subnet Address & CIDR

5) Click Save.

6) Select this subnet & click Scan. (This Normally not necessary, but click Yes when asked if you'd like to see the subnet scan status).

7) If any scans are taking way too long, click 'cancel' until your subnet starts scanning.

😎 When the scan completes, you'll have the data you want within the Web UI.


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