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Help with IPAM 4.1 using BIND DNS Server


I am new to this forum. I am in the process of purchasing SolarWinds (NPM,NCM,SAM,IPAM). I have been working with IPAM lately on an evaluation and I have hit a wall.

All my DNS servers are BIND on Linux.   I mainly want the DNS server for monitoring of DNS mismatched records. I created a DNS server in IPAM on one of my secondary BIND servers. This in of itself was a challenge itself to make work. (changing permissions, shell prompts, etc)

I do not want to use IPAM to manage/change/update zones, only to pull the information.

My DNS server is green and it pulls all the zones from the secondary. However, it does not show any of the DNS records.

I only want to use this for DNS monitoring. Do I have to attach it to a Primary BIND server? I am afraid of this option because others with access my try and help me with DNS and mess things up.

Thanks in advance for any guidance,


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Please upgrade to latest IPAM 4.3 which has the feature of pulling the mismatched DNS records and showcase it in your dashboard.

To know how it will look like: DNS Records Mismatch Report

And it is not necessary to add the primary sever into IPAM for polling the secondary.



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