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Have you check IP Address Conflict alert yet?

We decided to check out the new IPAM alert for duplicate IP addresses.  Unfortunately, I seem to be at a loss for what to do with the alert.  See the contents of the sample alert below:

Variable                     Value:


${IPConflictMessage}  IP Configct Message: <br />- Dhcp Leases MAC: 44-4C-0C-AD-D5-44, MAC: F0-CB-A1-92-D6-24

When I check the IP address in IPAM, I can find the MAC address 44-4C-0C-AD-D5-44.  However, I cannot find the second MAC address F0-CB-A1-92-D6-24. This makes me wonder if this alert is of any use at all.  I mean, how can I use the IPAM application to locate the two devices in my network that have IP address conflicts?

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Re: Have you check IP Address Conflict alert yet?

I'm having the same issue.  I know for sure it's not a conflict but IPAM keeps reporting it. 

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