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General IPAM Questions


We have only recently started to use ipam but I think we are confused as to what it actually does for us and how to make it do what we want it to do.

We don't own our own routers (all outsourced and no access)  - Do I need to manually enter the various ip ranges ? (and if so do I just create a group (say per site or geographic location)and add to that ?

I have already defined our DHCP and DNS servers and have all the dhcp and dns zones viewable but how does that work if I am manually adding the ip ranges ?



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You have the right idea I think. We have access to the routers, and still preferred to manually organize and import. Start with the groups, and your mileage may vary, but we did a site, building, floor tree for the campuses and a few dedicated to the data centers and some misc network resources.
Then use either the spreadsheet import:
Import a spreadsheet of subnets or IP addresses
or Bulk Add:

Bulk Add Subnets

I like to do that per group, but you can do them all and drag and drop from the left column if you prefer. Shout at me if you need anything or if I misunderstood.

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Yeah so that's what im trying to achieve - I think


Hierarchy Group - Site A

      - Group - Stores

      - Group - Lab

      - Group - Admin   

I have a list of Subnets in "Discovered Subnets" but no way to add them or move them into the "Groups", So I tried  creating the subnets manually under the Groups but then they never discovered anything.

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You can drag and drop the subnets from Discovered Subnets into any of the folders.