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Level 13

Feature request -- editing information within the page

Hi there,

I'm really enjoying IPAM but I'd like to see the ability to edit information for an address within the 'IP Address View' tab on the 'Manage Subnets & IP Addresses' page.  So instead of having to check the box on the item to edit and enter information in the sub window,  I'd like to be able to click on a field such as hostname or location and edit the data directly.    I'm thinking along the lines of Sharepoint 2010 where you can edit files in the browser.


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Level 14

Need it!

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Level 10

I need this as well.  Like in sharepoint where you can edit a list in datasheet view.  This will help a lot.

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Level 15

Thank you for the request branfarm. I've heard other feedback from customers that is consistent with your request. Of course I can't commit to a timeframe on if or when we would do this, but your request is clear and if anyone else would like this, please post here so we can gauge interest.


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I want to add additional functionality to branfarms request. How about drop down combo boxes for the custom fields. I should choose a custom field from the predefined custom datas (Like contact, project name etc.)

Thanks for listening.