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Level 7

Enabling ICMP Scanning

So we are trying to implement more of the features that IPAM has to offer, but we are running into a couple of problems.

We are struggling with overlapping IP ranges and subnets within IPAM, so we would like to scan only a couple of ranges.

But to do so we have to enable ICMP Scanning, this isn't a big problem but i am afraid when i enable this it means enabling it for each subnet and ip range we already have in IPAM.

It once turned on after an update and we had 2 weeks of recovery work.

So the question is:

Is it possible to turn on ICMP Scanning without wreking the current infrastructure and enabling it for only specific IP ranges?

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Level 13

if you enable ICMP scanning it would be globally.  However, you can turn off and turn on scanning for specific subnets and then editing them and turning on the scanning for only specific subnets.