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Edit properties of multiple IP addresses with Available status in IPAM


I have been working on importing a bunch of spreadsheets into SolarWinds IPAM and once I get the subnets and IPs in, I am having difficulties editing certain properties (Comments, custom fields) of multiple IPs, when their status is Available;

Is there anyway of doing this? Really frustrating

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I can confirm that this is currently not supported by IPAM. We didn't get the strong uses cases for documenting non used IP addresses. The one thing you may do is to set IPAM not overwrite custom properties when IP address goes from used/reserved/transient to Available status, by ticking "Update but not erase manually entered data" checkbox in subnet settings:


Let me know if there is a use case where you need to update custom properties for Available addresses more frequently. We currently track this as a feature request but don't set high priority for this.



Hi Michal,

I would suggest that there are reasons to allow importing of custom property values when an IP address is in an available state. They boil down to the fact that an IP address while it may be in an available state now, still requires to have a custom property with information within it to allow users to work with that IP address in future. I appreciate that common custom properties for things such as operational owner or NAT address or customer can be applied by creating a more distinct subnet structure, however this is not always desired.

Also, even within IPAM, an address that was in use last week and currently is not, is not always going to require custom property data to be deleted and often will need it updating. If there is a block on this being updated simply because it is in an available state now prevents such management.

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Level 9

Following up on what looks to be a long-outstanding issue.  There is a feature request for this that I commented on.

If you feel this functionality should be there (it should 🙂), upvote!:  


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I can confirm that through web console or import if status is available then no custom field data is held. This actually cost me a day of trouble shooting when I tried importing spreadsheets in with available IP's-now I remove those first or set to reserved.

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same as my previous post is applicable for importing to the spreadhseets (you may import all custom properties into IPAM and then tick "update but not erase manually entered data" which will cause IPAM to keep custom properties as they were imported.

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