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Do the Orion products require internet access?

Due to the recent hack, we blocked access to the internet from our SolarWinds servers.  Our Orion products are at a HF level prior to the hack, but we wanted to play it safe. Now we cannot access our admin console. We connect to the server and get "unexpected website error, request timed out". Is it related?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Orion can access the internet on-demand for things such as activating license keys, downloading SAM templates from Thwack, etc. Internet access is not required for Orion to function normally. Templates can be downloaded from Thwack manually and then uploaded to your Orion. There is also an offline license key activation process. 

From your description, it sounds like you may be using hairpin NAT to access your Orion server. I would suggest trying to access the Orion web interface using the server's physical IP address rather than hostname or DNS name. 

@shbdu - did you happen to integrate your Orion Admin interface with your customer portal when it still had internet access?


I think this is the only thing on the main admin page that would try and connect externally.

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Thanks for the idea. I wasn't involved in the original setup. I'll see what I can find.

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After leaving the connection attempt open in the browser for a while (after receiving the timeout error), it opened. Still not opening on other computers. Will see if leaving the page open eventually connects. I did notice while I was in there that it is not integrated with the customer portal.

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Hi shbdu, 

Thanks for reaching out. I think the best way to resolve your issue is to create a support ticket so that you can get a response specific to your environment and needs. 

Please follow this link to start a support ticket: 



Caner Uguz

Product Manager for IPAM

Product Manager for IPAM and UDT
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Opened a ticket yesterday. Got the generic response with the links to KBs, classrooms, Thwack, and the customer portal. Have not received anything since. I'm sure they are busy with the hack mitigation. I'll wait a little longer.

The ticket was for SAM versus IPAM. I didn't see the admin console as an option.

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