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DNS Server issue

I have installed IPAM 3.0 with no issues. I have added domain controllers as nodes and added the DNS application monitors. I'm able to see all the DHCP scopes etc and manage them properly. I'm unable however to add DNS servers successfully. I have checked all the WMI/DCOM etc per the troubleshooting guide. Everything works properly, but I'm receiving no errors other than "Test Failed Credentials not found". I have entered domain admin credentials as a test and still it is unable to query DNS on any of the domain controllers. I also receive the below when adding without verifying credentials. If anyone can point me in a direction to resolve this i would greatly appreciate it...

The below is what i receive even when using domain admin credentials.

DNS server scanning for 'AUSDC03' failed with error: 1) Username/Password provided is misspelled. 2) You might be trying to connect with a credential which might be valid on some computers and may not exist on other computers. 3) Check your firewall settings

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Dang, I'm having the same issue.  I'm curious if/what fixed this?

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Nobody? Or should i just put in a TT?

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Have not seen anything in our knowledge base and bug database, that looks like this. The best is to contact support.

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I have the same error message in my IPAM events.  I've been trying to get my Zones to show up in DNS, and that is why I noticed this error message.  When I test the credentials on my DNS server, they succeed and show that it has seen 114 zones.  I'm on IPAM 3.0.

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There could be several reasons for this issue, but we are not able to analyze this without seeing log files. Please open support ticket for this.



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I have sent this over to the IPAM Product Manager.  Apologies for the delay.


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