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DHCP split scopes alerting for whole subnet


We've recently split our DHCP scopes between two Windows DHCP servers and upgraded to IPAM 3.1 to cater for this.  One thing that doesn't quite work the way I like is the way the alerting works.  If the DHCP scope on the first server gets full it results in an alert but there could be plenty of leases still available on the other server.  What I'd like to have are DHCP scope utilisation alerts based on the collective servers that make up the scopes in the subnet.  That way a DHCP scope alert would truly mean there are few leases available for that subnet.  Can this be done?


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Hi Craig,

this should be done via custom alert in our alerting manager (you may use AND or OR operators between your conditions so in your case you may specify "scope A utilization > 90% and Scope B utilization > 90%" then trigger an alert. you may find this video useful if you are not familiar with our alerting manager: Video Tutorial: Orion Advanced Alerts - Videos | SolarWinds

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We are also interested in getting alerts on MS split scopes.  I know you said this can be done via alert manager, but our attempts we're not getting anywhere so far.  Could you provide an example of how to setup this specific alert?   Thanks.

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