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Could not download product information while IPAM 4.5.2 offline installation


I got stuck while installing the IPAM 4.5.2 where it is showing "Could not download product information" post extracting the installer.

However I tried re-installing by adding the  into the trusted sites and also by downloading a fresh installer but none works for me.

Found the resolution steps for the same and below as follows:

  1. Provide internet access to this address

and re-run the installer

  1. Download the installer again
  2. If problems still occur, please enter a helpdesk ticket

And on the other hand I checked by accessing the  in browser where it identified that this site does not have internet access, so I am suspecting this could be the reason for the error message.

Now question is how to provide internet access to the site  so that hopefully I could overcome the issue.

Thanks in Advance.



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Product Manager
Product Manager

We are in the process of releasing a repack of installers for the new IPAM HF that is released this week. Try downloading tomorrow and see if the new one is running into the same issue.

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Double check that the version of the installer file is

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