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Best practices for configuring IPAM with DHCP failover, either hot standby or load balanced?

We are a hospital that has two DHCP environments, one for mobile devices (staff, patients, and families) and one for everything else.  The mobile environment is two DHCP servers in a 50-50 load balance partnership while the other environment is a hot standby partnership with the primary server at our main data center and the partner at our DR data center.  I have been looking for best practice documentation for configuring IPAM to manage these environments but I cannot seem to find any, if they exist.

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Hi simkok,

Have you checked the Library & Support Page for IPAM IP Address Manager (IPAM) - Updated December 12, 2014?

Hopefully, you will find some useful information here.

Thanks for the link!  I am still learning my way around the site.

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