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Another Bug? IPAM DHCP address not getting released

I have opened Case # 181799 Created: IPAM DHCP address not getting released.

In our environment, some server subnets will be partially DHCP managed, and partially static assigned (for example the first 50 IP's belong to a DHCP scope).

1.  Server is brought online for the first time as DHCP.

2.  Subnet is scanned by IPAM. 

3.  Server responds to ICMP, SNMP, and it's info is pulled in via the DHCP scan.

4.  Server is then assigned a static IP by server team.

5.  Subnet is scanned again by IPAM.

6.  Server responds on it's new IP.

7.  Old IP should be marked transient (does not respond to DHCP or SNMP).

8.  In actuality old IP is still listed as "Used" until DHCP lease expires or another server occupies that IP space.

9.  Old IP still shows "response time".

10.  Confusion and mass hysteria occurs because now another duplicate IP & hostname is created within IPAM (along with the 1000's other).

11.  Server team complains and complains.

12.  Will this be fixed in 1.7 or 1.8?


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