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Ability to change a subnet into a supernet

Change/edit an existing subnet and convert it into a supernet.  Ex. If I have already an existing /24 subnet and I wanted to break it down into smaller /27 subnets. I will not be able to unless I delete the subnet, recreate it into a /24 supernet and hen I can create smaller /27 subnet.  This is too much work, edit field would do the trick if possible.

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sorry this is not possible right now - you can't directly change supernet to subnet via supernet edit option. Is this a "singleshot" issue or are you doing that on regular basis? I'm trying to understand what are you trying to do because you can obviously add subnets as a part of this super net so there should not be a reason to do what you need until you don't want to have multiple supernet hierarchy.

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Hi Michal,

This is a feature that we would use on a very regular basis. We have the need to create at times, many hundreds of supernets at a time. Presently, we have around 1000 supernets in IPAM.

If you have many sites that are allocated IP Ranges based on geographical area, it ends up being nessecary to create many supernets (with a big network). IP Addressing is quite different as a service provider than it is in an enterprise environment, where you tend to have fewer, but larger subnets.

Unfortunately, the only way you can do it at present is:

> Bulk create subnets

> Hop in IPAM_Group and change the grouptype for the required subnets to '4'

> Delete any IP Addresses in IPAM_Node that are created during the bulk import of the subnets - as supernets shouldnt have IP Addresses as children

This is hardly ideal, but creating hundreds by hand simply isn't practical, and is prone to user error.

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Hi lukeod,

in case you already have a spreadsheet with all supernets you want to add and you have there a column that represents the group/location then IPAM 3.0 has a new importing feature - it can also import structures which seems to be something that resolve your problem.

let me know if you need a help - I may jump into a quick GoTo with you.



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Yes we are acquiring new office all the time so there are times where we have a /24 subnet created but not used and we would like to break it up into /27s but not able to since it's a subnet.  now being able to convert that unused /24 into a supernet, then we would be able to break it down into smaller subnets.

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ok, I can understand that. I'll add this as a feature request. The workaround could be obviously delete existing /24 subnets and then use IPAM subnet calculator to create /27 ones.

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Really need this feature, and as I can see its not yet implemented on ver. 2020.2.......very impressive.....NOT :o(



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