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What is size of IP Address Tracker?

Hello! I am new to the Thwack Community as of today. I apologize if this the wrong place to post this; I looked around and did not see any other place that looked likely.

I used to use IP Address ???. It was a small free program and TREMENDOUSLY useful to me. Sadly, my company experienced a catastrophic fire on Jan 19th last. I am struggling to rebuild all the good stuff I had in place to help with IT.

I can't seem to find IP Address Tracker now. It is listed. However, when I go to download it shows amost 0.7 GB!!


The program I want isn't, or wasn't, nearly that large. Does anyone know what program I should download?

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Level 7

Wanted to add... I have downloaded the ~0.7GB beast TWICE now, forgetting that it requires IIS. We do not, and did not before the fire, run IIS. So what program am I thinking about? I'm about 99.9999989% certain it was from SW.

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