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Orion Platform 2019.2 - Install/Upgrade Improvements Part 2

For the last few years, we've continued to improve and refine the upgrade and installation experience on the Orion Platform. In this document we'll delve into the exciting bullet listed on the NPM WWWO page regarding

  • Improved upgrade experience – Do your whole upgrade from the web console.

For those looking to see an overview of what great improvements are available on Orion Platform 2019.2, please start with our release notes and these other great deep dive documents by aLTeReGo​ and jblankjblankkasaff

Centralized Main Polling Engine Upgrade

Centralized upgrades was introduced in NPM 12.4 and Orion Platform 2018.4 to the benefit of anyone who was utilizing scalability engines (e.g. additional polling engine, additional website and HA backup servers). The best part was that as long as you were upgrading to 2018.4 and higher, you received the benefit of centralized upgrades immediately in that same release. In 2019.2, we built on top of that feature to give you centralized main polling engine upgrades, with one key difference. Unlike centralized upgrades, this is a feature that benefits all customers and requires that you have 2019.2 to be eligible to use this for future upgrades. Confused? Let's walk through it.

  1. Plan for your upgrade to Orion Platform 2019.2 by reviewing the relevant documentation such as release notes and system requirements.
  2. Utilize the SolarWinds Orion installer to sanity check and plan for your upgrade by running it and looking at the preflight checks shown.
  3. Check to see if you need to migrate to new infrastructure and if so do so with zero downtime.
  4. Schedule your change window and take a backup of your database.
  5. Download the SolarWinds Orion installer from customer portal.
  6. Run the installer on your main polling engine to upgrade to the latest.
  7. For those customers with scalability engines, finish the rest of your upgrade by utilizing the centralized upgrade wizard in My Orion Deployment.


Now, when the next release of any Orion Platform product occurs (for instance 2019.2 HF1) your upgrade process changes.

Once you get a notification of a new release or hotfix, click first to your My Orion Deployment rather than going to the customer portal to locate the relevant installer.

In the example below, I have an installation of one main polling engine installed with NPM 12.5 RC1 with the intent to go to RC2.


I'm going to click "Check Readiness" to proceed. I don't have scalability engines so the wizard will skip past the second step and immediately start with preflight checks.


Make sure you confirm that you've backed up your database and addressed any potential issues found.



Click 'Next' to proceed to the EULA.


After accepting the EULA, your upgrade will begin.


While installation is occurring, clearly your main polling engine will be down during the upgrade, so how will you get insight into the progress of your upgrade during this time? No worries, you'll be seamlessly redirected to a SWA hosted page that looks like the following


If you close the browser window for any reason, you can always navigate back to this page by RDPing into the main polling engine and clicking on the My Orion Deployment shortcut in your programs.


In due time, you will be redirected back to the My Orion Deployment page when the main polling engine is fully upgraded and available.

upgrade finished.PNG

Now all customers on the Orion Platform 2019.2 and higher will be able to enjoy all future upgrades from the comfort of their web browser.

Please note, for customers in restricted or offline environments, centralized main polling engine upgrades are not applicable.

Hidden Feature - Orion Installer

No one has found the hidden feature yet - but there's still a chance ... if you can find it, I will reward you with additional THWACK points. Post your screenshot in the comments to get credit!

Updated .NET Requirement

While preparing for your upgrade, review the system requirements for Orion 2019.2.

For instance, you may need to update your .NET version to 4.7.2 on all of your Orion servers.



Recruiting for Dev Assisted Upgrades

For those of you who adopted RC1, you may be interested in trying out the centralized main polling engine upgrade for yourselves. If you are then sign up for a dev assisted upgrade and we'll work with you to enable this for RC1 -> RC2 on the call.  Otherwise, the next release you'll get to experience all this goodness all on your own. Happy upgrading!


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