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IPAM 2019.4 RC is now available!

So, you say you need to be able to export just the subnet list from IPAM… AND you want to keep the hierarchy structure? Or maybe you’re upgrading your environment and want to migrate one deployment to a brand new instance?

They say “patience” is a virtue. By now, I think you’ve had plenty of practice in “patience”. “Patience” in importing subnet files one by one, “patience” in recreating all your groups and hierarchy after an import, and “patience” in manually building a subnet list. In this RC, we bring you improved import/export functionality that won’t test your patience.

We welcome you to the IPAM RC forum where we will be able to collaborate and share our IPAM RC adventures! Bring us your raves and rants, questions and concerns. The IPAM RC is now available for download and we’ve made the following improvements to the Import/Export feature:

  • SUBNET LIST EXPORT - You will now be able to export JUST the subnet list (sans IP addresses) with the hierarchy structure preserved.

  • EASY IMPORT - When you select “Export All”, IPAM will generate a .zip file that contains the subnet structure file (structure.csv) and IP address files for each subnet. To import into another environment, simply import the entire .zip file. And yes, the hierarchy structure will be intact!

  • IMPORT VALIDATION - If you create your own custom file and it fails on import, IPAM will now provide information on where and why it failed. You no longer have to wonder where it all went wrong!

Like what you see? Upgrade to the latest version of IPAM by simply logging into your customer portal, download and install the software. The best way to provide feedback or request help during the RC is to post here in this forum. You can also file a ticket with Support just as you would for any other Generally Available (GA) version. I look forward to hearing about your upgrade experience and what you think of the new features we have implemented!

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Re: IPAM 2019.4 RC is now available!

Is there a way to schedule an IPAM export?  We would like to do this for DR purposes.