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Alert Central- UPDATED MAY 5, 2017

Alert Central- UPDATED MAY 5, 2017

We are happy to announce the new SolarWinds Success Center that was created to provide you one place to go to locate the answers to your questions quickly and easily.  In the Success Center, we’ve made it easy to search across all product resources - knowledge base articles, getting started guides, user training and admin guides. Go see it for yourself!

Articles are based on actual support cases meant to help you find the answers to your questions on your schedule.



If you are a SolarWinds customer with active maintenance – SolarWinds ID Required

If you need assistance evaluating a SolarWinds product and you have not yet purchased a license
SolarWinds product Upgrade Advisor is now available
Since there is a high degree of interoperability between SolarWinds Orion Platform products, your upgrades may need to follow a prescribed sequence.  The Upgrade Guide will help you build a unique upgrade process specific to your Orion Platform installations.  Learn More

Release notes link does not work

I've done some digging and cannot reproduce this.  Have you tried opening in another browser?

We need help importing Groups from AD.

We get an error : Unable to import ldap data. userContactInfo.value is required

What are we missing in LDAP? We have nearly all fields populated.

Kind regards

I've set up Alert Central, no errors. it talks to AD just fine, can import all sorts of users,etc. I can configure it to see our Orion server, i set the initial routing to send all alerts to a testing group of 1 user (me), but doesn't get any alerts from Orion. There are plenty of Orion alerts on the Orion web page, and there are several up/down SMS messages that we get when servers reboot, etc. Those come from Orion, but I want them to come from Alert Central...that's the whole point of it, but it can't see any alerts. Please help!

do you have alert sharing enabled on your Advanced Alerts?


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